lake time

The kids have been begging me to take them to the lake all summer, but the weather has been sub-par for swimming.

Yesterday, I said “screw it” and told them to put on their bathing suits, low-70’s temps and cloudy skies be damned. Tim is visiting family on the west coast this weekend, and the lake makes for a convenient distraction.

While they splashed around, seemingly immune to the chilly water, I took out my iPad and pencil and sketched the scene.

watercolor flowers

Watercolor flowers

Oh hello! I am still making things, just at a lazy summer pace. I’ve been practicing my letters on the iPad; nothing exciting to show for it, though. I really want to get better at watercolor flowers like these, too.

I have a longer vacation coming up in a couple weeks, during which I don’t have major plans beyond spending time with Tim and the kids and visiting the lake. Hopefully that leads to more drawing time, too.

I’ve updated my Etsy shop with lots of new work, and even stickers!