A very fishy Valentine’s Day

Candy tackle box
Candy deliciousness

We’re pretty low-key about V-Day, even more so this year because the week leading up to today was a challenge. Between sick kids, a sick me, and a busy week at work, I made it to Friday before I realized I hadn’t done anything for the kids or Tim. That would have been just fine, I’m sure, but I hold myself to a higher standard.

And it had been more than a week since I’d left the house.

Enter Pinterest. I found this cute idea for a candy tackle box, a project that matched both my post-sickness motivation level and my limited amount of time.

You reeled me in ;)
Complete with a fishy pun and a punny fish.

I picked mostly candies that I knew were Tim’s favorites. Our local Wal-mart had all the supplies, but I wish I’d thought to go to Houlton’s resident candy shop first (not that they don’t get enough of my business as it is).

I spent Saturday morning practicing drawing fish until I found a style I liked, cut some hearts from card stock and scrapbook paper, and contemplated so many painful fish puns. I almost wrote a poem composed of nothing but fish puns. The whole process reminded me why I prefer designing on a computer, but the end result was pretty cute.