looking up

This month marks four years since Dad passed. I don’t like to linger on thoughts of his death too often; it’s easy to let myself sink into sadness. But sometimes the universe likes to nudge me, knowingly, and sometimes I listen.

You taught me the courage of stars before you left,
How life carries on, endlessly, even after death,
With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite,
How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.

Sleeping at Last, “Saturn”

Gwen asked me for a “lullaby song” to go to sleep tonight, and this one came to mind. It always reminds me of Dad; how we’d stand outside during meteorological events, watching the sky together.

That feeling of smallness against the vast canopy of darkness and stars and planets is comforting — knowing that we’re all temporary space dust, that my problems don’t even register on a grand scale, that I don’t need to have all the answers. Contemplating infinity imparts perspective; it’s like meditation, but all I have to do is look up.

Thanks, Dad, for reminding me to look up once in a while.

more procreate experiments

I love it when I first get into a new technique or practice, in that early stage where I’m experimenting and figuring it out without the pressure to know what I’m doing or to make something perfect. I suppose the secret is bringing that mentality to whatever I’m working on, whether I’m new to the technique or not.

These came about from doodling on my phone while the TV was on in the background (Maine Cabin Masters, for the curious).

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An Event Apart Boston

I had a great time at the conference this week! I took text notes, but I also drew a few things to help me remember each speaker, their talk, and some of the key points. (In the unlikely event someone who spoke at the event stumbles upon this blog, I apologize profusely for any visual inconsistencies with your cartoon appearance.)

The conference was located just down the block from the south Boston waterfront and the weather was perfect, so I walked during breakfast and lunch. I’m still building up strength after the anemia thing, but it feels good to move!

My brother was also in Boston working AV at different events, so we got to hang out a bit, and I got to meet his new pup, Sophie.

I’ve returned home with a whole lotta knowledge that I need to find space for in my work. Thankfully I had the foresight to take a couple days off so I can process everything and turn my attention to dance recital season.

mulder, it’s me


I’m still not quite satisfied with this one, but I’m tired of staring at it, so I’m putting it up for now. I really like the letter shapes for “Mulder”, though.

Originally I thought I’d borrow from another one of my drawings for Scully’s profile. I’m not great at drawing faces; I’d probably get better with practice, but that’s not where my interest lies right now.

So I half traced, half drew her from reference (photo below). It’s funny how one tiny detail being slightly “off” can make an otherwise normal-looking face just plain wrong. I went in and fiddled around with her eyes as I was writing this.