I’ve reached a new stage of adulthood where I no longer have anxiety dreams about missing class or forgetting my homework; instead, I have anxiety dreams about missing flights and botched home renovation projects.


La Femme Comestible

41gWPKrWBlLI woke up to some cool news this morning, and I have to share!

“Back in the day” (ie. before kids), I was an aspiring fine art photographer. Most of my photographs from those days are listed with a stock agency, Arcangel Photos, that specializes in offbeat, artsy photography.

It’s been years since I’d sold anything, which isn’t surprising; my portfolio is old and very small compared to the professionals. I figured they’d retired my images, or shoved them to the back of a virtual drawer of search results somewhere, never to be seen again. But today, I got an email from royalties management, noting I’d sold an image.

That was a pleasant surprise in and of itself, but then I saw the publication and did a double take – it’s the cover of a French reprint of a Margaret Atwood novel!

I’m having a fangirl moment! Margaret Atwood has been one of my favorite authors since I was in college; heck, when I first read The Handmaid’s Tale, I was that young, aspiring photographer, living out of a one-bedroom apartment with my then-fiancé and two cats instead of two kids. What a rush!

And that’s the story of how I checked an item off my life list that I didn’t even know I had. 😀


Saturday night dinner jokes

Ellie: What does a taco say in the morning? “Taco-doodle-doo!”

Me: What do you call a taco that can’t talk? An O.

Gwen: What does the taco say when it wakes up? “Wake up everyone! Tacos are the best!!!”


The X-Files Season 11 Trailer

I’m a couple weeks late, but have I mentioned how excited I am about this? Because in case it wasn’t clear, I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!!


Fall Fun

I’ve been meaning to write about all the stuff we’ve been up to since I got back from my last trip, but I’m tired. The weight of the world’s problems is dragging me down; I need to get better at ignoring the news. Most nights you’ll find me on the couch, wrapped in a fuzzy green blanket, working or watching Parks and Recreation. I expect this to continue through the rest of the winter. It’s as close to hibernation as I can get.

That said, there have been some fun times. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.