bah habah

Lots of fresh air, beautiful sunsets, and time spent in one of our favorite tourist destinations made for a much-needed family vacation to the coast. We packed up our new camper and trundled down to the Bar Harbor area to try this “camping” thing as a family. Our camp site was perfection, with beautiful views of the bay and plenty of shade trees. We sat and napped and read and played games and occasionally went out for food or ice cream.

Alas, I don’t think camping is for us. Our camper is perfect for a couple, but a bit too snug for a family of four, especially with two growing kids who like their privacy. We are also far too enamored with indoor plumbing. 😅 I can see the appeal for folks who don’t get out into nature often, but we live in the woods; the population at the campground was probably larger than our hometown. 😂 We ended up leaving a day early due to rain, and no one was particularly disappointed.

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