bah habah

Lots of fresh air, beautiful sunsets, and time spent in one of our favorite tourist destinations made for a much-needed family vacation to the coast. We packed up our new camper and trundled down to the Bar Harbor area to try this “camping” thing as a family. Our camp site was perfection, with beautiful views of the bay and plenty of shade trees. We sat and napped and read and played games and occasionally went out for food or ice cream.

Alas, I don’t think camping is for us. Our camper is perfect for a couple, but a bit too snug for a family of four, especially with two growing kids who like their privacy. We are also far too enamored with indoor plumbing. 😅 I can see the appeal for folks who don’t get out into nature often, but we live in the woods; the population at the campground was probably larger than our hometown. 😂 We ended up leaving a day early due to rain, and no one was particularly disappointed.

in which i compare my daughter to a sheep on crack

I know I should write about our eventful week’s vacation, but it can be summed up in one sentence: see toddler run, chase toddler, catch toddler, repeat.

Oh, there were many good times. It was great listening to music around the campfire in New Brunswick and drinking Mike’s at the annual summer party. I was so happy to see my friends Sarah, Amanda and Rachel in Boston (everyone I love moves to Boston eventually. It’s like I’m cursed.) And I spent far too much money at Lush.

But it’s hard to relax and enjoy the moment for long when you have an active kid who is too young to understand that playing in traffic is a bad thing. I spent a lot of time feeling like a shepherd with a flock of one–one crazy sheep with unending energy and a death wish.

Not to mention, there’s nothing like a 1-year-old to remind you that a vacation, while fun, is a vast difference from the normal routine. Naps are fleeting, and saved solely for long car trips. Meals are grabbed on the go, and often rejected entirely in favor of graham crackers and milk. Lots of playtime. Lots of vehement “no’s,” the kind that can only be uttered by a small, overtired child who is utterly confused as to why we’re sleeping outdoors, in a tent.

A tent, mother? Are you serious? This can’t be legal. I’m calling DHS.

Someone does NOT care for camping (I can’t say I blame her.) She did, however, seem to enjoy our three-day trip to Boston, so maybe she has a future in the city (see? Cursed!)

As much fun as it was to see my family, to hang out with old friends who I’ve missed dearly, and to watch my daughter discover a larger world, I am more than happy to get back to a predictable schedule.

Routines–they aren’t just for babies anymore!