Repurposed Drawer Shelf

Repurposed Drawer Shelf / Shadowbox

I’m on a bit of a home décor binge lately; I fear we’ve reached “peak Pinterest”. For example, yesterday I put together and installed this accent piece for the bathroom.

I have boxes full of random junk I’ve picked up over the years, with the intention of using things as props for photo shoots. The other day I went up to my future office to look for some picture frames and found this old drawer I’d bought at the Big Chicken Barn; it was originally home to a bunch of glass bottles, but this time the drawer itself caught my attention.

I added the petals design on the back with scrapbook paper, then installed eye hooks on each side to mount the box with picture-hanging wire. The decorations are various odds and ends from my collection. The tag on the bottom is the original price tag that came with the drawer; it seemed to fit the aesthetic. 🙂

I’m on vacation, so there are more projects forthcoming!