New York, New York!

We spent a wonderful four days in the big city at the end of April, seeing the sights and shows and enjoying lots of tasty food. It was the kids’ first time in NYC, and they were wowed by the size of everything. The verdict: Ellie could do without “all the honking”, and Gwen wants to live there.

We stayed in Times Square, within walking distance to our big plans: Hamilton and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Ellie’s birthday presents). Occasionally we grabbed a ride to explore other parts of the city (Rockefeller Center and the Flatiron District) but did a fair amount of walking otherwise. We saw the Ed Sullivan theater (Tim and I are Stephen Colbert nerds), the Times building (Tim’s employer), and two LEGO stores.

Flying in the COVID era was a bit nerve-wracking, especially when the CDC lifted mask mandates on domestic flights mid-way through our trip. Given the rising case numbers in Manhattan, I was convinced we’d all bring home an extra unwelcome souvenir, but it appears we dodged the ‘rona*, at least for now.

And of course, pictures:

* ... or did we? 

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