oh what a crazy year

I'm a hamIt’s hard to believe she’s almost a year old. I’ve said it so many times over the last few weeks, but it’s true. The squirming little bundle we brought home from the hospital is now a spirited almost-toddler on a mission (we’ve yet to pin down exactly what that mission is, but from what I can tell it has something to do with stealing the TV remote and eating cat food… babies are strange creatures).

It’s amazing how much our lives have changed, but despite the magnitude of this difference, it’s not something I can easily put into words. We still go to work, come home, eat, sleep, and we have the added task of baby care–it’s the same old life, with more responsibilities. If anything, it’s more mundane than it used to be, but somehow the simpler things are more fulfilling. Watching Ellie grow into her personality, seeing her try new things–it’s an unmatched thrill. And this is only the beginning!

Just look at that face. All the remote-stealing and cat-food-eating in the world couldn’t make her less perfect to me.


  1. She is so ridiculously cute! It is incredible to see how much she’s grown and developed this past year just through your photo and blog updates. Speaking of photos, I meant to comment on the messy food photoshoot you did a couple of weeks ago – that was so great! Unfortunately, my brain fell out before I had a chance to do so 😛 Hope all is well!

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