pretty in purple

ellie's new room The new carpet was installed the week before last, and it’s like walking on a cloud. We wasted no time in putting Ellie’s room together, and I posted some photos at Flickr. The room is not entirely finished… I still have to paint her dresser, put up curtains/blinds, find a better slipcover for the chair and some long curtains to act as the closet “door.” But this is definitely a huge improvement over the stark, bare room we had before.

I’m especially enjoying the quilt/pillow set we purchased from (always happy to support a talented Maine artist) and the colors we chose make the room bright and cheery. Even better, miss Ellie has taken to it well… we had a couple rough nights but now she’s back on her regular schedule and happy with her pretty purple room.

We’re expecting lovely weather this weekend… I think it’s time for a trip to the coast and some thrift shopping!


  1. Wow! Everything is so pretty and NORMAL looking, haha! I just stumbled onto your sixhours etsy shop and had tears streaming as I laughed at the wild creative photos. Do you know how many hours I would sit and try to come up with something out of the stream to market and couldn’t?! Years ago, I went through a really creative process, altered books, etc..did an Altered Barbie and my sister told me I was warped, twisted and more! All very lovingly told too. Then I saw your sprouts and seedlings and thought, now that’s warped and I just got such a kick out of it! Glad you are having success!

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