this belly has an expiration date

belly, 37 weeksBaby girl is full term… yesterday marked 37 weeks, and let me tell you, I am so ready to meet this kid and have my body back!

Only the last week or so has been truly uncomfortable. My feet look like overstuffed sausages. I walk like a duck. The smallest physical effort–climbing a flight of stairs, for example–requires the focus and concentration of a professional athlete. I’ve never been in particularly great shape, but prior to this I could easily walk a mile or two without feeling the strain or having to stop for breath. Now? The idea of walking any distance greater than a couple car lengths is laughable. My body has never felt so cumbersome and foreign.

We’ve also discovered that our dear daughter is breech, which could throw a wrench into our granola-hippy home birth plans. We’ll know more on Monday. As I’ve told Tim, she’s not even out of the womb yet and she’s already defiant and stubborn… we’re doomed. And I mean that in the most loving, motherly way possible!

All the drama, all the discomfort… is it worth it? Yes. I’m trying to be positive.

But ask me again in another week. 😉


  1. It is possible the baby will turn when time to give birth..Wishing you the best..I think you look so cute..but I know you want this over with..

  2. Try shining a flash light at the bottom of your uterus or pelvis, maybe if you light the way it might get her to bring her little head down. Good luck and positive thoughts.
    miss you guys, talk to u soon

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