nom, with a side of nom nom

By process of elimination, we’ve determined that baby loves:

Stuffed green olives
Sunflower seeds
Meat, any variety
Cream cheese, or anything onto which you can put cream cheese, or anything into which cream cheese goes (cheesecake being the primary suspect). This one may just be mum wanting an excuse to sit down with a spoon and have it out with a package of Philly. The temptation is strong and the will is so very weak.

And baby does not so much care for:

Chinese food
Chocolate in candy form (Ice cream, however, is acceptable.) If it weren’t a physical impossibility given the situation, I’d consider a maternity test.

All bets are off as to what this kid will make me eat. Prior to this, I’d never much cared for meat, save for the occasional burger, but now… well, let’s just say last weekend I tore into a barbeque chicken drumstick like it was the last piece of chicken on earth and I hadn’t eaten for six weeks. It was messy and heavenly in a deliciously barbaric way, that drumstick.

Despite the fact that baby seems to have inherited my love of ice cream (has anyone found the “ice cream” gene yet? I swear, it’s there… check over by the “big ass” gene), I’ve only gained half a pound, which I’m told is good for someone my size. I don’t have much baby belly to speak of yet, although something tells me it’s growing, because I can’t suck it in like I used to. But I’m pretty sure the majority of my belly is still good old-fashioned food-baby belly… no help from the ice cream, of course.

I’m also taking two different yoga classes starting this week… I had my first beginner’s course today, and I’ll start pre-natal yoga next Wednesday. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I am not the only fat girl in the beginner’s course, and I’m guessing I’m not the only one who thinks Downward Facing Dog is the pose of the devil. “Hello, heartburn! Hadn’t seen you in a while! Wonder why I can still taste my breakfast? Hmm, could have something to do with all this butt-in-the-air business….”

I can’t honestly say I have an opinion of yoga yet, given my limited experience includes today’s class and a semester-long course I basically slept through in high school. So far the running theme seems to be learning to get comfortable in semi-unnatural positions. Oh, and breathing–lots of breathing–although I still don’t quite get that part, as during most of today’s class I found myself thinking, “Wait, you mean I’m supposed to be able to breathe in this position?!? Eurgh!” *cue collapse onto yoga mat*

I kid, I kid. The class was a lot of fun, and the instructor is very aware of different body types and how one can modify certain positions such that they get the benefit of a yoga workout without the back strain. All in all, I felt surprisingly comfortable–or at least as comfortable as one can be while stretching, bending, flexing, and pointing one’s arse skyward.

So yes, other than the icky humid weather, this summer is shaping up nicely. I’ve been on hiatus from photography stuff, at least until I work up the energy to attempt another shoot–although I have a fun idea in mind, and Danielle has offered to help me, so that may happen sooner rather than later. To be honest, I welcome the down time… I appreciate it more now, knowing the hard work that’s coming up. At the end of the day, one full-time job is enough, and I just want to relax while I still can.


  1. I found that the type of yoga matters for me. I’ve tried yoga i don’t know how many times, and it was always torturous. Then i tried a different kind and fell in love. The breathing thing is the kicker though, and can take getting used to. One of my main issues was when i had to hold a position for longer than a breath, i’d HOLD my breath. Not good.

    Anyways, i hope it gets easier for you!

  2. I laugh at what the baby likes..My first child, I craved T-Bone steaks..I wondered why she weighed 9lbs at birth..Sounds like you are doing good and I am happy for you..nice that you are taking yoga..

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