crabby cakes

crabby cakesBusy weekend! A three-day weekend, even! Hurrah for Patriot’s Day! Note the ample use of exclamation points! (And you thought I was exaggerating?)

Three-day breaks are wonderful, although I’ve reached the point where I’ve done almost everything on my to-do list (save for cleaning, but eh, it’s cleaning) and I have a whole day left to kill. We have no Netflix, I’m between custom orders, and I didn’t arrange for any photo shoots this weekend (d’oh) so I’m kinda floating and trying to figure out what I want to do next. The strange free-ness of time! I’m not used to it! Someone, quick! Give her a stopwatch and a schedule before she hyperventilates!

I hung out with Susan on Friday night for more thrifty good-ness and Mexican food. Have I mentioned how nice it is to have friends? Friends who you can even go out with and talk and stuff? I know it seems I’ve been living under a rock when I say that, but occasionally us rock-people have epiphanies of the obvious sort, and I’m particularly enjoying this one.

On Saturday the weather was so nice that T & I decided to take a day trip to the Ellsworth area for some sun and tasty food at Jordan’s snack bar. They had fresh crab (!) so I got a crab roll that was delicious. It was so tasty that I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the night (seriously–I went to bed drooling), so the next day we went grocery shopping and I splurged* on some fresh Maine crab meat. Then I got really brave and tried my hand at homemade crabcakes. The verdict: Tasty! Even better: Mr. Tim does not eat seafood, so they were allll mine! Muwahahahaha!

* Does the word “splurge” conjure up gross mental images for anyone else? Because whenever I hear it, or see it written, I think about puke.  And in current context, that’s just unbelievably wrong.


  1. Splurge kind of reminds me of gurgle which goes back to purge. So yeah, kind of reminds me of puke! But man do those crabby cakes look delicious 🙂

  2. hello! í found your blog for the first time and couldn’t help reading through some of your earlier entries. i love your blog! it’s so happy and sunny all at the same time. and your doodles are really, really cute – i can see why you would be busy!

  3. Oh a big yay for 3 day weekends! I have one next weekend (ANZAC Day public holiday on Friday, Woohoo!)& I’m looking forward to it. Yours sounded like a real goodie. Yum food & fun company is the BEST!

    & yes, now that you mention it, the word ‘splurge’ isn’t a pretty looking or nice sounding word…

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