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In our old neighborhood, it was quite common to be woken up by the sounds of yelling and shouting, but usually the yells and shouts were death threats. Yeah, it was that kind of neighborhood.

Now we live in a college town, which means we’re surrounded by intellectuals and intelligent minds, ambitious young men and women who love learning and seek to expand their horizons and open their minds…

… usually with drugs. Yay! With that in mind, I present to you –

Things one shouldn’t have to wake up to early on a Saturday morning:

1. The sound of a drunken college kid belting out “Heyyyyyy guyyyyys!” in perfect show-tune singsong at ample volume.

My first reaction? Jazz hands, everyone! Vaudeville has finally come for me!

My second reaction? Death to the drunken frat boys on my lawn! DEATH!

2. Drunken college kid number 2, shouting at an equally loud volume, “I never thought I’d be walking around with you guys, WITHOUT PANTS, at 4 in the morning!”

Emphasis on the part about no pants. And hey, now I know what time it is.

Of course, I immediately went for a look-see, but alas, it was too dark. Which makes sense, because it was, ahem, four-o’clock in the morning. On a Saturday.

Did I mention the part about death?

I considered yelling at them from the balcony of our bedroom, but then I figured that a completely naked lady screaming at the half-naked drunken frat boys for disturbing the peace… let’s just say, the irony didn’t escape me.

Intellectuals and intelligent minds, indeed!

Anywho, the above doodle has absolutely nothing to do with pantsless, showtunes-lovin’ drunk people. Thank the stars for that!

No, actually, three really cool things happened yesterday:

1) I won a contest at the ThisNext blog! If the prize is as cool as my Tovolo goodies are, I’m excited.

2) One of my photos made the front page at Etsy! Yay!

3) Finally, the cupcake girl doodle above was a runner-up in Hey Pretty Cupcake’s artist collaboration contest! So keep an eye out for her there in the upcoming weeks.

So, Internets, it’s been nearly a month! S’up with you?

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