introductions are for sissies

Because apparently I want to own the Internets by having an account at every single blog host known to man.

Either that, or I’m a glutton for punishment. A very forgetful glutton for punishment who will not remember how to log into this blog tomorrow morning.

I have way too many passwords.

Hello, I am Caroline, creator of blogs and forgetter of passwords. And maker upper of word…ers.

I have a Web site. has been my Internet lover for six-ish years.

I have an Etsy shop full of prints and a shameless love of money. Wanna trade?

I have a blog that isn’t this one. It’s mostly personal, and by “personal” I mean “me being a wise-ass.” But don’t worry – there’s more than enough wise-ass-ish-ness in me to go around.

In summary… I don’t have a summary.


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