Ok, so here’s the obligatory, “I’m only doin’ it for the BloPoMo,” post. Look, I don’t intend to miss a day this month, but this stuff is rough for someone whose blog presence is normally sporadic – usually I post once a month, once a week at most. I’m not used to thinking this much, and it hurts, and what’s that smell? Oh, hey, my brain’s on fire.

In the meantime, here’s a list of my recently-starred entries from Google Reader:

Cadbury kittez – lulz.
Monster Factory @ Cutable – I’m a sucker for strange plushies.
Unexpected Guests @ sfgirlbybay – I want to hire her to decorate my house.
Ffffound! – never lacking for visual inspiration.
Kapow Jewelry @ Indie Fixx – love love love, and I don’t even wear jewelry!
Feelin’ foxy @ Modish – a nice diversion from the birds/deer motif.
Petit Four @ Little Splurge – allow me an ultra-girly moment to say, I heart lip gloss!

4 thoughts on “feh!

  1. Hi Caro, It’s Magda (~loverain)
    First, I lovelovelove your website and the color scheme and the design. I’ve missed you on lj & secondly… I’d like to ask a favour, do you have any ffffound invites? I’ve been trolling that site like a madwoman for a while but would love to have my own set-up.

    Secondly, Lastly, whatever, thank you for doing it all the way you do. I’m definitely a fan. =)

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