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A while ago I signed up to participate in an art project of sorts sponsored by Coca-Cola and Look-Look Magazine.  The idea was that you’d send in a sample of work for approval, and if you were accepted, you’d get to participate in a bunch of random creative challenges that might get published or might not.  Chance to win prizes and all that.  I submitted work, was accepted into the program, and promptly forgot about it because a) I haven’t felt very creative recently and b) the full-time job started.

Well, apparently I didn’t read the fine print carefully enough, because yesterday I received an envelope in the mail from Coca-Cola.  In it was a note that said, “Thanks for participating in our project!  Here’s your gift card, as promised.”

Gift card?  Eh?

Sure enough, after digging around in the envelope a little, I find a $25 iTunes Music card.

Now, the problem is that I have absolutely no idea what to download.  I’m not exactly “hip” to the music scene these days.  I pretty much like what I like, and I listen to what I like, and that’s that.  My iPod gets updated with new music, oh, once every six months.  Most of what’s on the radio is obnoxious (not necessarily because it’s bad music, but because it’s overplayed), and I’m not really the type to go searching out new music.  So tell me – what are you listening to these days?

Unexpected free stuff made up for the fact that my guild’s first attempt at Onyxia wasn’t as successful as we’d hoped.  The good news is, we’re pretty darn sure that it was lag that killed us repeatedly, and not just inexperience.  A 1.5 second heal should not take 5 seconds to cast, if you get my drift, and it’s much harder to stay alive when you think you’re standing in a safe spot, but on server time you’ve actually run into a mob of angry whelps.

Phase 1: OK
Phase 2: OK
Phase 3: Lag!  Death!  Destruction!  You lose!

I’m confident our next attempt will be successful if the servers are stable by then.  Hopefully at that time I’ll have some decent screenshots to show as well.  This round I was too busy crying for my mother from the floor of Onyxia’s Lair to take pictures.  That is One. Big. Dragon.

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I’m such a nerd because…

What’s the nerdiest thing about you?

“Nerdiest” would imply the one, most nerdy thing.  One?  Just one thing?  Well, okay.

Hi, my name is Sheara! I’m a 60 Undead Priest and a Blood Guard of <Grim Determination> on the Earthen Ring server.  For the Horde!

Need I say more?

Other nerdy facts about myself, because just one nerdy fact does not a good blog post make:

  • I’ve had an online journal/blog/personal Web site since before I hit puberty.  To me, Web design is an artform.
  • I use a Mac, and I like it.  No, I <3 it.
  • I went to a special high school for nerds called the Maine School of Science and Mathematics (alternately known as the Maine School of S & M).
  • I graduated from university with a degree in New Media.  “New Media” is Latin for “nerd”.
  • I’ve been known to abuse the emoticon.  🙂
  • Lists.  Lists everywhere.  Lists about anything and everything, as long as it’s a list.
  • Megapixels turn me on.
  • And finally… I’m spending my lunch break writing this instead of eating lunch.  That pretty much sums it up!

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QotD: Easy Like Sunday Morning

What do you usually do on Sunday?

Mourn the inevitable loss of my weekend to another Monday?  That’s what I do for the last hour before bedtime on a Sunday, anyway.

Usually Sunday is my “lazy day”.  For example, today the S.O. and I went out to breakfast late in the morning, did a little window shopping, then crashed on the couch to play Warcraft and watch Monk or Flip That House.  My brother also came over later in the evening, so we ordered pizzas for dinner.  I did manage to clean the house a bit and do a little exercise, but otherwise, it was a do-nothing day, and that’s the tune of my typical Sunday.

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squee, and so forth.

More geek-ness!  Domo surrendered on Saturday!  I was lucky enough to be number one on the loot list to receive The Eye of Divinity, which, when combined with the Eye of Shadow and the Splinter of Nordrassil, created this:  Benediction.


Look at it!  It’s huge!  And I have a perpetual train of sparklies following me everywhere I go!  What a cheerful way to kill things.  More death through better healing.  Love it.

Alas, I only have a few days to enjoy it, because I’m unplugging myself for a weekend to go to Canada and party like a dirty hippie.  Yay, dirty hippies!

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orly? srsly.

I really cannot wait to see how this blog pans out.

In fact, reading it makes me think I should start a gaming blog.  Incorporating WoW news and events into my real journal seems a bit, well… nerdy.

No, very nerdy.

No, no… nerdy to the point where I should probably pull out a pocket protector and stop bathing for weeks at a time.

I say this because, in reality, winning that Circlet of Prophecy in Molten Core a while back did not have a serious impact on the course of my life or my emotional state, therefore I don’t consider it journal-worthy.

But o, the blog!  All hail the mighty blog!

I need a place to talk geek.  Unfortunately, most of the public forums for geektalk are run by 15-year-old boys with, erm, inadequacy issues.  Or PvP’ers.

Ewwww, PvP’ers.

So let me totally alienate my group of friends and readers by being a game blogger for five minutes:

Domo.  ARGH.  My guild’s raiding alliance has been stuck here for three weeks.  We probably would have had him last weekend if it hadn’t been for a stupid hunter pet bug that wiped us not once, but twice.

Lately, though, when I’m not kissing the floor of Molten Core, you’ll most often find me fishing.  Yes, fishing.  I love the fishing skill.  I pay 14.95 a month to stand by pretend bodies of water and cast pretend lures with my pretend fishing pole so I can catch pretend fish and other pretend items that I can sell for pretend money.

You KNOW it’s worse than crack when you’re PAYING someone so you can do this.  You have no idea how happy it makes me to hearth to Orgrimmar with a bag full of random junk that I can sell on the Auctionhouse for ridiculous amounts of gold.  Gold which I then use to pay my repair bills after having my scrawny clothie arse kicked to the curb by Majordomo five or six times.

So, wait.  To recap, I’m paying real money to play pretend fisherman, which in turn gives me fake money to get my ass kicked.  Multiple times.  Every weekend.


I knew there was a reason I didn’t blog about WoW.  How um… sad.

My only consolation is that, when I’ve finally grown out of it and realized that World of Warcraft is just the Land of Make Believe with violent tendencies, I can sell my account on eBay for an outrageous amount of money.

(Kidding, Blizzard.  Please don’t take my crack away from me just yet.)

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