photo mumblings

Pardon the quietude!  Life's been, well, quiet.

I have three photos submitted to the next themes at JPG Magazine.  If you want to vote for me, please do!  The themes are: 



Beauty, Redefined

March's photo shoot is coming up on Tuesday, and I'm excited, because I get to work with one of my favorite people!  We haven't worked together since early 2005, so I'm giddy about it.  If nothing else, we'll catch up, and have a great time.

All the women who've modeled for me are favorites in one way or another, because 1) they're awesome people in general and 2) they basically work for free (or time-for-prints, but that's practically free).  Then there's the fact that I often subject them to publicly embarrassing situations ("I've got it!  Let's have you prance around the campus garden in a pink, nearly see-through dress that's almost two sizes too small…") and other, ahem, uncomfortable annoyances (think ample bug bites or freezing cold – the latter was shot in December) but I've yet to hear a complaint.  Thankfully we haven't had the pleasure of being actively chased off location yet, but I'm sure my time is coming…

Despite all these things, they almost always come back for more.  I don't have to beg or plead, and they always show up with a smile, eager to play along with whatever harebrained idea I've come up with.  Either they're gluttons for punishment, or they're just super self-confident, brave, amazing, inspiring people who like art and enjoy having fun.  I'm pretty sure it's the latter, and they deserve so much credit – I wouldn't have the portfolio I do without their cooperation and support.

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