halloween with dr. seuss

One of the biggest benefits to being on maternity leave right now: I actually had time to make Halloween costumes this year! And by “make” I mean “cobble together from random stuff.” This mama doesn’t sew, but give me a glue gun and a bunch of felt and I’ll figure it out. Ellie came up with the idea for her costume this year; guess who she’s currently obsessed with:

Dr. Seuss Halloween costumes
"You stuck WHAT on my head?!?"

Yes, I can practically recite The Cat in the Hat Comes Back from memory. Once we’d decided on Ellie’s costume, I couldn’t resist dressing Gwen in a compatible outfit–she’s Thing 2, of course, because Thing 1 was technically Ellie.

This was also Ellie’s first real year of trick-or-treating and when she realized that meant FREE CANDY, it took her no time to catch on. Although we need to work on her selection process–she turned down way too many fun-size chocolate bars in favor of the cheap stuff. Cardinal rule of trick-or-treating: ALWAYS GO FOR THE CHOCOLATE FIRST. Those orange-wrapped nut things barely count as candy.

Mama and Daddy also had a Halloween treat of sorts–we spent the afternoon buying a car! Actually a 2008 Honda Odyssey–a *gulp* minivan. I would have scoffed at the idea two years ago but after riding practically on top of our Sentra’s dashboard for a couple weeks, I was more than happy to climb into something a little roomier. Totally worth the loss of cool!