shameless self promo

his quiet

I’ve submitted a couple photos to two upcoming themes at JPG Magazine – Intimacy and Blur.  My submissions are here and here.  You can vote for me if you think these photos work with their themes (or if you’re just feeling kind :))  Check out the other work, too–there’s some pretty good stuff floating around.

This photo was actually published in JPG’s second issue, Lost.  They’ve since done a major redesign of their Web site and their magazine, and I’m excited to see what the new issues are like.

One of the interesting things I’ve found about submitting work to magazines and galleries is that, after a while, you start to feel less and less sensitive to rejection.  I’d stopped doing much of this stuff (both photography and submitting work to publications/galleries) during the “great falling out” last spring, but perhaps this will get me in the mood to pick up a camera again.  I actually have an idea for a new photo shoot that I hope to finish before it gets cold.  I feel the itch, and the itch is good.  Now let’s see if I can do something with it.

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