wherefore art thou, spring?

I’m feeling pretty tired/run down/bleh lately; worried the anemia is creeping back, although that seems unlikely. It’s probably the weather, which has been unusually cold and rainy and lacking in sun. I’ll be heading to the Phoenix, Arizona area for a work trip in mid June, where forecasted temperatures promise to remind me to appreciate my home state’s moderate climate.

Until then, I’m sticking to an exercise routine, making time for doodling, meditating, and taking advantage of what little sun I can find. Here are more Procreate Pocket experiments. I’m slow with the creative work but still making progress on new stuff, little by little.

moonlit glow

This is a recreation of a painting I did during Paint Night at a Grand Meetup several years ago (the original is here). Procreate lets you create these neat playbacks so you can see how many times I backtracked and changed things.

I like the glow effect in the background. I’m not happy with the leaves, though. The beauty of digital painting is I can always go back and redo them, no mess. 🙂

more procreate experiments

I love it when I first get into a new technique or practice, in that early stage where I’m experimenting and figuring it out without the pressure to know what I’m doing or to make something perfect. I suppose the secret is bringing that mentality to whatever I’m working on, whether I’m new to the technique or not.

These came about from doodling on my phone while the TV was on in the background (Maine Cabin Masters, for the curious).

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