photo mumblings

Pardon the quietude!  Life's been, well, quiet.

I have three photos submitted to the next themes at JPG Magazine.  If you want to vote for me, please do!  The themes are: 



Beauty, Redefined

March's photo shoot is coming up on Tuesday, and I'm excited, because I get to work with one of my favorite people!  We haven't worked together since early 2005, so I'm giddy about it.  If nothing else, we'll catch up, and have a great time.

All the women who've modeled for me are favorites in one way or another, because 1) they're awesome people in general and 2) they basically work for free (or time-for-prints, but that's practically free).  Then there's the fact that I often subject them to publicly embarrassing situations ("I've got it!  Let's have you prance around the campus garden in a pink, nearly see-through dress that's almost two sizes too small…") and other, ahem, uncomfortable annoyances (think ample bug bites or freezing cold – the latter was shot in December) but I've yet to hear a complaint.  Thankfully we haven't had the pleasure of being actively chased off location yet, but I'm sure my time is coming…

Despite all these things, they almost always come back for more.  I don't have to beg or plead, and they always show up with a smile, eager to play along with whatever harebrained idea I've come up with.  Either they're gluttons for punishment, or they're just super self-confident, brave, amazing, inspiring people who like art and enjoy having fun.  I'm pretty sure it's the latter, and they deserve so much credit – I wouldn't have the portfolio I do without their cooperation and support.

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because everyone else is doing it?

I will preface this by saying that I’ve already received the Christmas gift that was at the top of my list, which was for the S.O. to find a new, permanent job.  He’d been a temp at his last department for over a year and half, and when we got a positive call regarding the new job last week, we were, as they say, totally stoked.  All that finger-crossing really paid off.  So it’s already a happy holiday for us, and I couldn’t truthfully ask for anything more.

Regardless, t’is the season to spend money, and if I had a rich benefactor (I’m taking applications!) who wanted nothing but to shower me with gifts on Christmas Day, this is what I would ask for:

  • A laptop lunch box.  I want to try the bento thing for myself.  Having individual compartments for each of my lunch items appeals to my obsessively organized side, and this Lean Cuisine crap needs to stop.

  • A series of Sims 2 expansion packs.  I own the Sims 2 game, but I’m way behind on my expansions.  Currently I’m missing Nightlife, Pets, Open for Business, and the various “Stuff” sets. One cannot live on World of Warcraft alone, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I still love playing doll-house.
  • Subscriptions to various photography magazines.  I was going to include  JPG in that list, but it appears they’re already sending a free subscription for my being a former contributor.  Yay, free stuff!
  • An Apple iPod Nano, in pink, with companion Klipsch iGroove iPod shelf.  Let no one accuse me of having cheap taste.
  • Copious quantities of Stretch Island Fruit Leather.  I think I could give up chocolate if I had enough of these. Well, maybe not, but this fruit leather is still pretty tasty.
  • Anything from Philosophy that smells like yum.  The Candy Cane Suitcase set would do, or possibly the God Child set.
  • Chocolate Whipstick lip balm from Lush.  Chocolate and lip balm, two of my favorite addictions rolled into one.  ‘Nuf said.

Now that I’ve had my greedy moment for the day, it’s time to shop for everyone else.  What a pain… shopping for myself is so much easier!

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happy hobbles!

So, it’s been a few days… done some stuff… and I have nothing relevant to say.  Time for another scintillating edition of…

What is Caro thinking right now?

  • I busted into my first Diet Coke at 9:43 a.m.  If that’s any indication of how this day will go, I should go home.  Oh, and there’s a stain on my shirt.  Which is, surprisingly, right-side out.  The shirt, not the stain.
  • There are new-job-vibes in the works for the S.O.  My fingers have been triple-crossed for a full day now.  They hurt, and it’s hard to type like this.  New job, please come through, preferably soon, so that I can uncross my fingers.  Thanks!
  • I’m so glad for this NaBloPoMo thing.  Not because I’m participating (bwahahaha, the thought) but because I haven’t been for want of new material from some of my favorite bloggers since the beginning of November.  Please don’t leave me, NaBloPoMo!  Work is damn near unbearable without you.
  • In that vein, I’m tempted to start a new blogging event of my own.  Let’s call it… iBlogNazi.  In order to participate, you must blog every single day for the rest of your life, solely for my personal entertainment.  If you forget to blog, I’ll send out a vicious army of squirrels to nibble on your toes, and then you’ll have something to blog about, wontcha?  Dance, minions!  Dance!  … What, you don’t think it will catch on?
  • I’m adding a subscription to JPG Magazine to my Christmas wishlist.  You can still vote on photos for the next issue if you haven’t already.  *hint hint*
  • Thank you, Pilgrims, for coming to America and growing food and dying and sharing a meal with the indigenous peoples, all so I can have a four-day weekend and eat myself into a tryptophan oblivion.
  • And finally, to leave you in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, a joke by yours truly:

What does a turkey with a broken foot say?

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shameless self promo

his quiet

I’ve submitted a couple photos to two upcoming themes at JPG Magazine – Intimacy and Blur.  My submissions are here and here.  You can vote for me if you think these photos work with their themes (or if you’re just feeling kind :))  Check out the other work, too–there’s some pretty good stuff floating around.

This photo was actually published in JPG’s second issue, Lost.  They’ve since done a major redesign of their Web site and their magazine, and I’m excited to see what the new issues are like.

One of the interesting things I’ve found about submitting work to magazines and galleries is that, after a while, you start to feel less and less sensitive to rejection.  I’d stopped doing much of this stuff (both photography and submitting work to publications/galleries) during the “great falling out” last spring, but perhaps this will get me in the mood to pick up a camera again.  I actually have an idea for a new photo shoot that I hope to finish before it gets cold.  I feel the itch, and the itch is good.  Now let’s see if I can do something with it.

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