Game nights (and days)

This winter, we’re all about the games.

After Santa brought Exploding Kittens for Ellie for Christmas, we’ve made a point of playing a game almost every night after dinner. Gwen is a bit young to partake, but likes to sit alongside us and “help”, or play with LEGOs. It’s nice to have regular family time that doesn’t involve a screen.

Our favorite is Munchkin, because it’s humorous and easy to play, but still feels like an RPG. We bought two of the expansion packs (there are tons to choose from), and we’ll probably invest in more when our current cards start to feel too familiar.

We play Exploding Kittens or Zombie Dice when we’re running short on time. The X-Files is reserved for weekends, since play is more advanced and can take a while. We’re getting the expansion pack for that in a few weeks, which will make it even more interesting.

Other games in the rotation include Clue (my birthday present from the kids), Go Fish (Ellie’s favorite), and One Hit Kill. I love that the renewed interest in tabletop games gives us options that balance ease of play for the kids with enjoyability for the adults.

QotD: Game On

What was the last game you played?

Hooboy, I dunno, this is a toughie.



Last night was our regular Wednesday Molten Core Lucifron/Magmadar/Gehennas/Garr run.  I picked up these beauties!  /flex   That’s my fourth piece in the Prophecy set.

I also leveled my warlock, Cyspar, to 56.  Her last few levels went fast because she is always well-rested (in game terms), so she gets twice the experience for killing mobs.  Rested experience is also referred to as, “that experience you get when you neglectfully leave your character to do nothing but drink pints with the Orgrimmar Innkeeper for months at a time because you’re too busy kissing the floor of Onyxia’s Lair with your main character.”  If she ever gets there, Cyspar will be my second level 60 toon, but that’s a big “if”.

Unfortunately our server is down for hardware maintenance until Friday afternoonish, so I’m taking a brief, forced vacation from WoW.

*steps warily into the light of day, squinting, eyes bloodshot, face pale, fingers cramped*  My god, it’s bright out here!

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I’m such a nerd because…

What’s the nerdiest thing about you?

“Nerdiest” would imply the one, most nerdy thing.  One?  Just one thing?  Well, okay.

Hi, my name is Sheara! I’m a 60 Undead Priest and a Blood Guard of <Grim Determination> on the Earthen Ring server.  For the Horde!

Need I say more?

Other nerdy facts about myself, because just one nerdy fact does not a good blog post make:

  • I’ve had an online journal/blog/personal Web site since before I hit puberty.  To me, Web design is an artform.
  • I use a Mac, and I like it.  No, I <3 it.
  • I went to a special high school for nerds called the Maine School of Science and Mathematics (alternately known as the Maine School of S & M).
  • I graduated from university with a degree in New Media.  “New Media” is Latin for “nerd”.
  • I’ve been known to abuse the emoticon.  🙂
  • Lists.  Lists everywhere.  Lists about anything and everything, as long as it’s a list.
  • Megapixels turn me on.
  • And finally… I’m spending my lunch break writing this instead of eating lunch.  That pretty much sums it up!

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squee, and so forth.

More geek-ness!  Domo surrendered on Saturday!  I was lucky enough to be number one on the loot list to receive The Eye of Divinity, which, when combined with the Eye of Shadow and the Splinter of Nordrassil, created this:  Benediction.


Look at it!  It’s huge!  And I have a perpetual train of sparklies following me everywhere I go!  What a cheerful way to kill things.  More death through better healing.  Love it.

Alas, I only have a few days to enjoy it, because I’m unplugging myself for a weekend to go to Canada and party like a dirty hippie.  Yay, dirty hippies!

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orly? srsly.

I really cannot wait to see how this blog pans out.

In fact, reading it makes me think I should start a gaming blog.  Incorporating WoW news and events into my real journal seems a bit, well… nerdy.

No, very nerdy.

No, no… nerdy to the point where I should probably pull out a pocket protector and stop bathing for weeks at a time.

I say this because, in reality, winning that Circlet of Prophecy in Molten Core a while back did not have a serious impact on the course of my life or my emotional state, therefore I don’t consider it journal-worthy.

But o, the blog!  All hail the mighty blog!

I need a place to talk geek.  Unfortunately, most of the public forums for geektalk are run by 15-year-old boys with, erm, inadequacy issues.  Or PvP’ers.

Ewwww, PvP’ers.

So let me totally alienate my group of friends and readers by being a game blogger for five minutes:

Domo.  ARGH.  My guild’s raiding alliance has been stuck here for three weeks.  We probably would have had him last weekend if it hadn’t been for a stupid hunter pet bug that wiped us not once, but twice.

Lately, though, when I’m not kissing the floor of Molten Core, you’ll most often find me fishing.  Yes, fishing.  I love the fishing skill.  I pay 14.95 a month to stand by pretend bodies of water and cast pretend lures with my pretend fishing pole so I can catch pretend fish and other pretend items that I can sell for pretend money.

You KNOW it’s worse than crack when you’re PAYING someone so you can do this.  You have no idea how happy it makes me to hearth to Orgrimmar with a bag full of random junk that I can sell on the Auctionhouse for ridiculous amounts of gold.  Gold which I then use to pay my repair bills after having my scrawny clothie arse kicked to the curb by Majordomo five or six times.

So, wait.  To recap, I’m paying real money to play pretend fisherman, which in turn gives me fake money to get my ass kicked.  Multiple times.  Every weekend.


I knew there was a reason I didn’t blog about WoW.  How um… sad.

My only consolation is that, when I’ve finally grown out of it and realized that World of Warcraft is just the Land of Make Believe with violent tendencies, I can sell my account on eBay for an outrageous amount of money.

(Kidding, Blizzard.  Please don’t take my crack away from me just yet.)

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