Living on lake time

A close friend has a family camp on Grand Lake, and she’s been kind enough to host us a few times this summer. The two of us grew up together, alongside her brothers and multiple cousins, and my brother and I were sort of adopted into their family by virtue of living next door to her grandparents. We’ve only recently had the chance to spend more time together, given we each have kids and busy lives, so this was a real treat.

The kids love it, of course. They’ll spend most of the day in the water, then come home exhausted and bug-bitten, smelling of sunblock and lake water. There has been lots of sun, a mild case of swimmer’s itch, and at least two bloodsuckers. Because it’s not a successful summer day unless you’re exhausted and slathered in calamine lotion at the end of it.

I visited this place often as a kid, so it’s fulfilling to watch the next generation enjoy it as much as we did.

For the grown-ups, time by the lake means disconnecting, relaxing, having a drink, and catching up with friends. I definitely need more of that in my life. Going to the lake is like a giant “time out”.