the ones who were lost

her trusty steed

My friend Sarah gave me the old rocking horse, which was gathering dust in my guest bedroom until Sunday’s shoot. When I met up with this model for the first time, I knew she’d be perfect for this. Her long, dark hair totally inspired me. It’s amazing I’ve been able to find anyone to model for me at all, when I’m known for saying things like “You have awesome creepy-photo-shoot hair!” over coffee. During our first meeting. Because, you know, social skills really aren’t one of my strong points, apparently.

Thankfully, the lovely woman who modeled for this shoot was so easy to work with and practically knew what I wanted before I had a chance to voice my thoughts–always a good sign. She’s a natural.

shop business

numbers & fruits posterI am just now getting around to listing some of the new photos from last month in the Sixhours shop. I’ll be adding a few more sizes and variations in the coming days. Of course, you’re always welcome to convo me if you’d like a specific size!

And in Calobee Doodles news, I have a 16×20 poster of numbers & fruits that needs a home. It’s an extra from a shipping mix-up. It’s all boxed and ready to go, and I’ll even ship it for free! Head over to the shop to purchase if you’re interested.



I’ve had this idea in my head ever since I found this old sewing machine at Goodwill over two years ago. I love the way this photo came out, and there are a handful of others in the series. I’ll probably re-shoot a few of them because the angles weren’t quite right.

These days I’m much less hesitant to try the same ideas over (and over) again… sometimes I feel like I’m “stuck” on the same themes, but I find it’s better to work through them than try to ignore them or force myself to do something I’m not as excited about, even if it means some repetition (this applies to the rest of my life as well–thanks to therapy for all those helpful insights!)

I have yet another shoot scheduled this weekend (because if I’m going to jump back in, I might as well do it with both feet, no?) this time with my dear friend Hannah, whom I haven’t seen in ages.  It will be so great to work with her again! Now I just need to figure out what we’re going to do… my thoughts are all scattery this week.