a very merry christmas

Ellie at ChristmasI think I can safely say we had one of the best Christmases in recent memory. We spent five days with my family up north, which meant three extra sets of hands to wrangle the kiddo. Between her birthday and Christmas, I’m pretty sure she thought the entire week was about her–and let’s face it, in some sense it was. Christmas with young kids is like that.

My mom went all out with the decorations and Christmas cookies, Tim helped with the cooking, and all must have been good little boys and girls, because Santa delivered. I managed to catch a nasty stomach bug that temporarily threatened my enjoyment, but it was gone within 24 hours–I consider that a Christmas miracle in and of itself!

Ellie was pleased with her loot (and seeing it all in one place made me think we’ll make an effort to be less spendy next year–it’s far too easy to overindulge with her birthday and Christmas in the same week) and her new toys have kept her occupied all week, which tells me everyone made good choices.

Speaking of loot, Mama has a brand new iPad to play with, and Plants vs. Zombies may be taking up a bit too much of my time.

because everyone else is doing it?

I will preface this by saying that I’ve already received the Christmas gift that was at the top of my list, which was for the S.O. to find a new, permanent job.  He’d been a temp at his last department for over a year and half, and when we got a positive call regarding the new job last week, we were, as they say, totally stoked.  All that finger-crossing really paid off.  So it’s already a happy holiday for us, and I couldn’t truthfully ask for anything more.

Regardless, t’is the season to spend money, and if I had a rich benefactor (I’m taking applications!) who wanted nothing but to shower me with gifts on Christmas Day, this is what I would ask for:

  • A laptop lunch box.  I want to try the bento thing for myself.  Having individual compartments for each of my lunch items appeals to my obsessively organized side, and this Lean Cuisine crap needs to stop.

  • A series of Sims 2 expansion packs.  I own the Sims 2 game, but I’m way behind on my expansions.  Currently I’m missing Nightlife, Pets, Open for Business, and the various “Stuff” sets. One cannot live on World of Warcraft alone, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I still love playing doll-house.
  • Subscriptions to various photography magazines.  I was going to include  JPG in that list, but it appears they’re already sending a free subscription for my being a former contributor.  Yay, free stuff!
  • An Apple iPod Nano, in pink, with companion Klipsch iGroove iPod shelf.  Let no one accuse me of having cheap taste.
  • Copious quantities of Stretch Island Fruit Leather.  I think I could give up chocolate if I had enough of these. Well, maybe not, but this fruit leather is still pretty tasty.
  • Anything from Philosophy that smells like yum.  The Candy Cane Suitcase set would do, or possibly the God Child set.
  • Chocolate Whipstick lip balm from Lush.  Chocolate and lip balm, two of my favorite addictions rolled into one.  ‘Nuf said.

Now that I’ve had my greedy moment for the day, it’s time to shop for everyone else.  What a pain… shopping for myself is so much easier!

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