coastal maine, august 2021

We snuck in a l’il kid-free vacation time to celebrate our wedding anniversary (14 years!) Given the kids have been home since March 2020, and most of our “COVID dates” involve driving someplace to get takeout and eat in the truck, it’s been hard to find time to just be a couple again. A long weekend on the coast was just what the doctor ordered.

Our time away from the real world reminded me how much appreciation I have for our relationship. I was the skeptic when we first started this togetherness adventure 21 years ago. And part of me remains skeptical, and thinks we just got really, really lucky, to find each other at a time when we still had a lot of growing up to do.

Tim is an amazing dad, he’s my rock when I need support, and he makes a mean chili. It’s great to have a partner and an extra set of hands to divide the work, but it’s even better when that person is your best friend who gets your weird sense of humor and makes you laugh. And it’s nice to have that someone at your side when, say, a pandemic rips through the world and forces you into lockdown.

Alright, enough of the sappy stuff, let’s get to the pretty pictures.

Our hotel was a secluded little inn on the edge of the water with plenty of places to lounge and watch the sea. The food was delectable. I had my first official crab roll of the season, and some crab-and-cheese topped fries which were the bomb. And there was this awesome little organic grocery with cold brew on tap and handmade wraps.

I also made time to paint and doodle a little bit.

We spent a hot summer afternoon walking around the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, where we met some forest guardians and toured a fairy village.

It was a really lovely place with lots of paths and trails to explore; I’d like to go back in late spring to see all the early seasonal flowers in bloom.

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