day “who knows”

And what a strange summer it’s been. Hard to believe it’s almost over; there’s already a little chill in the air in the evenings.

A close family friend gave us free reign to swim at her camp, so we’ve spent many weekend hours by the lake. This has been a lifesaver in so many ways; getting my kids to play outside is like pulling teeth (“There are BUGS outside!”), but “just add water” and you have a recipe for hours of uninterrupted play.

With that in mind, we also built a “waterslide” down the hill of our back yard with leftover vinyl sheeting and the hose. It was a big hit! Add some shampoo to the mix and you have a perfect way to cool off on a warm day. Bonus: Kids didn’t complain about the bugs once.

We plan to keep the kids home from school this year; they’ll participate in remote learning following the regular curriculum, and we’ll supplement schoolwork with real-time educational activities (read: I’m always looking for an excuse to buy more LEGO).

They’re disappointed about not getting to go back in person, but they’re also not fans of extended masking, and they understand that we’re being extra cautious because we have several risk factors in our household. I’m so proud of how resilient and adaptable they’ve been throughout the last several months. We’ve had our fair share of tears and rough patches, but most of the time they are each others’ company and entertainment, with Tim and I as supporting cast and hug-givers. I’m grateful we’re getting all this “extra” time with the kids, while they still, y’know, like spending time us. 🙂

I struggle constantly with wondering if we’re being too strict, or too “safe”, given our state has an OK handle on the virus, and our county’s infection rates are so low. Then I remember that cold weather is coming, and that means more time indoors, and I imagine that will impact our infection rates for the worse.

So, we’re mostly home, and most days we’re handling it well. Creatively, my energy is pretty sunk between work and just…existing. That said, my Animal Crossing island looks amazing. It’s kind of fun decorating and styling and doing it with no thought of monetizing this; just the pleasure of doing something for myself while I rewatch Westworld (yes, I see the irony).

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