day 27ish

As of last week, our county confirmed its first case of COVID-19, and as an added bonus, it was at our local hospital. The state is officially locked down, and the kids are remote for the rest of the school year.

Most of the time I’m on an even keel, but then something small will trigger a wave of feels. Usually it’s related to watching or reading the news, but you never know. The other day, the school dropped off all the kids’ gear; emptied their desks and lockers and sent it all home. That was a hard morning for all of us.

The weather has been ideal for walking–sunny, dry, nice temps for this time of year–but last night it snowed a foot. Not unexpected for northern Maine in April, but not welcome, either.

Since we know the kids aren’t going back to school, we’re trying to buckle down and get a slightly more defined routine in place. It requires a bit more wrangling from us, but I think it’s helping them to have a bit more structure without going overboard. The kids have Zoom socialization sessions with their classes coming up, and I think that’s going to help even more.

Ellie is unimpressed with math homework.

I was trying to keep up with art stuff at the start of social distancing but haven’t been in the mood lately. Animal Crossing is providing a mindless creative outlet and escape from the real world. I’m taking a couple vacation days after Easter weekend just to chill and probably catch up on housework. Or maybe not. At this point, I try not to make plans beyond the next few hours, because I never know how I’m going to feel!


  1. A belated Happy Easter to you, too! I hope the bunny brought extra chocolate this year. 🙂

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