look on the sunny side

I’m struggling to remember how to do this vacation thing. I have this persistent sense of needing to do something but not knowing what to do, and feeling kind of overwhelmed and under-enthused by my options (brought to you by thrilling endeavors like “organizing the office” and “cleaning the office” and “meal planning”). This results in my making a lot of random art (like the above) and sorting the kids’ LEGO collection (let’s be real, it’s my LEGO collection, it’s just on loan to them until they move out), both activities born more of procrastination than desire.

But boredom is good for the brain, right? And there was a time in my not-too-distant past when I laughed heartily at young me for complaining of having nothing to do. Boredom is a luxury and a privilege, one that I’m trying to enjoy for the next week and a half, at least.

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