recovery is sweet

Y’all, it is *so nice* to be able to walk a mile and not feel like I’m going to fall over or pass out. I still have to take my regular afternoon snooze — affectionately dubbed Old Lady Naptime — but progress is progress.

I come out of my couch-lounging phase and suddenly things are busy. I’m working on a new project at my job, wrangling fixes across the code base. It’s challenging in a good way; lots of fun puzzles and problems to solve, and it scratches an organizational itch.

The kids are off from school this week, and we’re heading into dance recital season. I’m also traveling for a conference at the beginning of May, and a meetup in mid-June, so the next two months are going to be brain-bending.

I’m still doodling every day — I want to keep up this creative momentum. The other night I scrawled “I’m too tired. I don’t wanna,” across a blank Illustrator document before shutting off my laptop and going to bed, but by god, it was *something*.

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