1. Okay, say I want a site, maybe to back up my journal and/or my fic, maybe to blog, since I hate Tumblr and LJ is owned by Russians. To that end, I buy a domain. What would I do next? Is there a tutorial somewhere?

  2. That’s a fun question. 😀

    If you bought a domain, you’d point it to a host. Of course, I’m going to recommend, but you can do this with Tumblr or another provider, too. The .blog domains allow you to connect to your account to set everything up in a few clicks.

    Most hosts will cost either a monthly or yearly fee. itself is free. There’s a domain mapping fee if you want a custom domain, and we have a getting started guide at!

    I could get more into the weeds, but that’s the basics for .blog domains and WP. 🙂

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