Welcome to Caroline.blog

Oh hey! My personal site can now be found right here at caroline.blog, courtesy of the fine folks at Automattic.

You can get your own .blog domain, too!

2 responses to “Welcome to Caroline.blog”

  1. Wendelah says:

    Okay, say I want a site, maybe to back up my journal and/or my fic, maybe to blog, since I hate Tumblr and LJ is owned by Russians. To that end, I buy a domain. What would I do next? Is there a tutorial somewhere?

  2. Caroline says:

    That’s a fun question. 😀

    If you bought a domain, you’d point it to a host. Of course, I’m going to recommend WordPress.com, but you can do this with Tumblr or another provider, too. The .blog domains allow you to connect to your WordPress.com account to set everything up in a few clicks.

    Most hosts will cost either a monthly or yearly fee. WordPress.com itself is free. There’s a domain mapping fee if you want a custom domain, and we have a getting started guide at http://learn.wordpress.com!

    I could get more into the weeds, but that’s the basics for .blog domains and WP. 🙂

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