Me: Wow, I’m in a funk. Why am I so down?

Me: writes about the near-anniversary of her father’s death

Me: …so what the fuck is wrong with me? It’s not like there are any significant events coming up that might cause some emotional distress or turbulence…my brain is just being a jerk face again. Stupid brain…

Me: …oh…


  1. When you loose someone you love your whole body goes through an emotional roller coaster. Every year you will go through this but it will get easier. Your won’t forget, but the memories are more cherished with time. Love has many facets and time many seasons. I will pray for you because you are precious to me. I love your smile and easy ways. Take care of yourself. Love Nana

  2. Big hugs. Thank you so much, it means a lot to know you’re thinking of us. Love you!!

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