Game nights (and days)

This winter, we’re all about the games.

After Santa brought Exploding Kittens for Ellie for Christmas, we’ve made a point of playing a game almost every night after dinner. Gwen is a bit young to partake, but likes to sit alongside us and “help”, or play with LEGOs. It’s nice to have regular family time that doesn’t involve a screen.

Our favorite is Munchkin, because it’s humorous and easy to play, but still feels like an RPG. We bought two of the expansion packs (there are tons to choose from), and we’ll probably invest in more when our current cards start to feel too familiar.

We play Exploding Kittens or Zombie Dice when we’re running short on time. The X-Files is reserved for weekends, since play is more advanced and can take a while. We’re getting the expansion pack for that in a few weeks, which will make it even more interesting.

Other games in the rotation include Clue (my birthday present from the kids), Go Fish (Ellie’s favorite), and One Hit Kill. I love that the renewed interest in tabletop games gives us options that balance ease of play for the kids with enjoyability for the adults.


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