Christmas craftiness

I went a little nuts making ornaments this year. I blame Pinterest, taunting me with all its “easy” tutorials and perfectly composed photographs.

We have boxes full of ornaments for the tree, so it’s not like we need more shiny, dangly things, but I just couldn’t resist. I bought far too many crafting supplies, got hooked on scrapbook paper (so. much. cute), and only burned myself with the glue gun once.

The results speak for themselves:

This year’s binge also gave me ideas for gifts for next year, and gave Ellie and I something fun and creative to do together; definitely worth the money and time spent.


  1. Izzy and I do this now. It’s our tradition to make some Christmas ornaments together. I pick easy ones, usually a purchased kit.

    But I blame pinterest for my current obsession with little hand sewn forest animals made from felt. Next years tree is woodland themed.

  2. And they make great gifts, too! I always love receiving a unique ornament as a Christmas present, because I’ll think of whoever gave it to me each year to come.

  3. Ellie really got into it with me; she had a few ideas of her own, and I found stuff on Pinterest, and between the two of us we could have decorated a small tabletop tree. πŸ™‚

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