WordCamp Maine

We spent a long weekend in Portland for the first WordCamp Maine. It was a small and low-key WordCamp by comparison (I’ve attended others—Montreal and London—that were much larger) but it was great to see colleagues and familiar faces and meet local WordPress users/developers.

Most of my time was spent at the Happiness Bar, but I also sat on and answered questions at the design panel. Underscores got a lot of kudos, and I was even inspired to submit a pull request for Contributor Day (my first in a while).

We don’t get to southern Maine often, so it was nice to have a mini getaway, too. I didn’t realize how much of a foodie city Portland is until I’d spent a few days downtown; there are lots of little places to eat, and there wasn’t a single meal I didn’t enjoy.

From an outsider’s perspective, it went pretty smoothly. I hope that means we’ll have another WordCamp Maine to look forward to next year.

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