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Someone turned four today

Ellie turned four yesterday, and I must say, I like four. Over the last few weeks we’ve had a chance to spend more quality time together, one-on-one, and I’m reminded of why I always wanted kids in the first place — they know how to have fun! Ellie is old enough that we can do more things — baking and crafts and drawing. I show her how I draw on the computer, or how to take photos, and she’s genuinely interested and wants to learn.

Conversations with Ellie are fascinating, full of fantasy and wide-eyed drama. I love that she’s still young enough to live in her imagination, to enjoy simple play. She is in awe of the beauty of small, everyday things — a morning snowfall, the endless possibilities in a single cardboard box — in a way I sometimes forget to as a boring, grumpy grown-up. It’s an exercise in appreciating life for what it is, a reminder not to take myself too seriously, a state of being to which I am particularly prone.

I am so lucky to have her to teach me, even though I’m not always the best student. Happy birthday, sweet girl.


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