i’m not crazy, i’m just a little unwell

I started composing a post about two months ago and never finished it. I kept coming back to update it, tacking on bits and pieces here and there, until I realized I’d built a schizophrenic Franken-post. So in an effort to condense this summer into something someone might actually read, I put Frankie out of his misery, and here’s an only-slightly-incoherent bulleted list:

  • I joined the ranks of Automattic in May.
  • Las Vegas trip was Las Vegasy!
  • Work. Work, work, work work worky work work.
  • “Vacation” to New York to visit extended family. (I put “vacation” in quotes because a twelve-hour road trip with two young children hardly qualifies, but it was a surprisingly good time nonetheless.)
  • Germany, Tim was in you! I was home with a sick baby and a three-year-old. Guess who had the better time.
  • Winnipeg, I was in you! You were fun and only slightly haunted. Also, my co-workers are brilliant.
  • The baby is finally sleeping through the night! In other fantastical news, unicorns are real, and if that wasn’t awesome enough, they poop Skittles! Life is AMAZING!
  • The baby is going to be 1 (ONE) next month. Life is horribly continuous, what with time and the going forward-ish-ness of it all! Make it stop!
  • Overuse of exclamation points? Don’t mind if I do!
  • Ellie graduated from pre-pre-school today. She’s going to pre-school. I am feeling pre-nostalgic and pre-grumpy about this whole babies-growing-up business.
  • Tim and I were married five years ago today. We’re celebrating in true parents-to-two fashion — he fell asleep on the couch at quarter to ten, I am writing this disjointed post. Oh yeah, it’s business time.
  • Themes. Themes, themes, and more themes.
  • We’re moving in the next year, but that’s a whole post in and of itself. Construction! Renovations! Secret mystery destination! Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Caroline, just started browsing through your web properties after commenting elsewhere regarding your theme and landed here.

    I love the humor in your writing:)

    My wife and I have our first child. a 3 month old son, at home and our 6 year anniversary is coming up in a few days. I can only hope ours will be as exciting as yours was.

    Also, congrats on joining the Automattic team. Awesome. If you look at the differences between this comment and the one on your other site, you’ll see that I’m a WP fanatic and have been for a long time.

    Perhaps we can talk further some day and I can give you some in sight into our larger WP business plans to see if you have any interest?

    Anyway, take care and keep up the great work (in life and in the WP and Design world) 🙂

  2. Hi Adam! Sounds like we have a lot in common. Congrats on the newbie! It’s a wild ride, this parenting stuff. Thanks for stopping by and good luck in your WordPress endeavors! 🙂

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