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My motto throughout February:  Balance.

This month has been really creative and productive, which is a nice change from pretty much all of last year.  Yay! I’ve spent a lot of time with my WordPress themes and my camera phone. I decided to get more involved with the WordPress Theme Review Team as a means of learning more about theme development, so I made it a personal goal to try to review at least one theme a week.  Then I picked up some freelance web development work. Then I was lucky enough to land a contract to design a premium theme for (!). Then I decided to build a whole new theme in one weekend, just for kicks.

One thing that makes me happy: That I have the ENERGY to even attempt a schedule like this on top of the usual daily life! But man, it does make it harder to stay physically active. I find myself saying it often: Why do all my favorite things–website design, photography, illustration, blogging–involve sitting at a computer? Oh, if only I could find sports enjoyable! But then I probably wouldn’t be fat in the first place, heh. I need to get a treadmill desk up in heah.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. I’m still keeping up with Health Month and walking/exercising regularly. I’ve also started watching calories a little more closely–not being super strict, just more mindful of my choices. Fitbit is forever my favorite motivator–case in point: my two birthday presents were a Fitbit premium membership from my parents and a (pre-ordered) Aria scale from Tim.

I’m happy to report I’ve officially lost 21 lbs since starting this process back in October. The weight started coming off in earnest about three weeks ago, and every time I step on the scale I’m surprised to see a slightly lower number. I keep expecting to plateau any day now, but for now I’m really happy with the results.

And as part of my reward to myself for another 10 pounds gone, I think I’m going to get my hair done. Not my usual “just a quick trim, thanks” done but a nice haircut and (probably? maybe?) some color. Yes, some color. Because, while I don’t mind looking a bit older than my age thanks to all this premature gray…

That's not the light playing tricks... I really am rocking the gray at 29
That's not the light playing tricks... I'm rockin' it little old lady style

… it’s been this way for years and I’m getting a bit bored. I’m genuinely curious to know what I’d look like as a brunette again.


  1. Just wanted to drop by and say ‘hello’ and thank you for the lovely themes. I’m using the Scrappy Theme currently and love it!

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