the best kind of trouble

I’ve been a very bad blogger as of late… too many priorities to juggle this time of year. But I wanted to say happy birthday to my darling daughter, who officially turned 2 at 7:01 this morning. As I remember, this time two years ago I was in a state of awe and wonder at the tiny little being who is no longer very tiny at all (I was also quite sore and sleepless, but that’s to be expected.)

Miss Ellie is quite pleased with all the fuss. We dropped her off at school, where they’d stuck balloons on the windows and gave her a yellow crown to wear. The look on her face implied complete bliss at being the center of attention, with a hint of smug satisfaction; thank goodness the rest of us finally wised up to Her Highness’ true nature! On a related note: We are in so. much. trouble.

But baby girl, you are the best kind of trouble. Happy birthday, Elspeth.

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