oh painting, how i loathe thee

We’ve been in the midst of home renovations this week, and it’s finally (mostly) over. After three days, and with only a couple minor roadblocks, our contractor put in new floors, patched the walls, and installed a laundry sink.

This probably sounds like a weekend DIY project to some people… but we are not those people. Don’t get me wrong–Tim’s handy in the sense that he can probably rig some kind of quick fix in a pinch if something breaks, but we’re not “Hey, let’s totally remodel this room because we haven’t done that in at least six months and we have three hours to spare” kinda people.

Just to give you a sense of where we fall on the Homeowner’s Laziness Spectrum. *ahem*

Given our position on said spectrum, I surprised myself a little when, the day after the contractor finished, I suggested to Tim that we head to Home Depot to look at paint chips and shelving for the new room. You may or may not remember, but it took six people and several months just to finish Ellie’s room. The bathroom project is much smaller and less complicated, but still, I figured we’d get around to painting it sometime in the next, oh, six years.

But then I saw the paint chips and thought, “To hell with it–I’m going to get it done this weekend.” And by “I” I mean “we” and by “we” I mean “Tim, I’m going to make you do all the trim because I hate the detail work.”

Several hours, one temper tantrum and a gigantic mess later, we have a pretty blue bathroom instead of lime green.

We also have a pretty blue kitchen sink and some pretty blue clothes, a pretty blue cat and hey look! My hair, it’s pretty! And blue! And despite getting paint over every square inch of ourselves and our kitchen, I think we have enough left over to do the upstairs bathroom tomorrow–because obviously I’m high on the fumes to want to do this again.

Here’s a quick before-and-after look:

bathroom sans fixtures new floors and sink new colors!

(The idea is to turn this into an over-sized closet/pantry area that also happens to have a toilet. Once the paint dries we’ll put shelves above the toilet and next to the laundry sink, enabling us to free up some much-needed cabinet space in our pretty blue kitchen. I’ll post more pics when it’s complete.)


  1. o_O looks great! love the floors and how
    they compliment the color.

    i read that those utility sinks are becoming
    very popular as a bathroom sink.

  2. Thank you! And I love the new sink–lovelovelove. So much more functional than the teeny vanity sink we had before.

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