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a portrait

It feels so good to check the “photography” box under Categories for this post. I haven’t done a shoot–a real photo shoot, with a model and a costumes and props–since well before Ellie was born. I think my last one was with Danielle, right before I found out I was pregnant, and that was over two years ago. And to be honest, it’s been much longer since I felt truly excited and inspired about photography (aside from the kiddo’s photos, of course).

So last week I was very surprised when I felt that familiar itch. Before I knew it, I was combing through my supply closet (I’d forgotten I have so much stuff!) in search of props and dresses, tossing ideas around. My friend Lyndsy offered to model for me, so we set up a shoot at the last minute and headed to the back yard to brave the blackflies.

And oh, the blackflies. I didn’t get to set up nearly as many shots as I’d planned because those vicious, bloodsucking beasts were swarming. I did take about 200 photos before I admitted to myself that we were both going to be eaten alive or carried off into the wild blue yonder if we didn’t pack up. I had the foresight to plan the shoot in the evening so we’d catch some of that glorious end-of-day light, but that also meant I was rushing to beat the sunset. Lyndsy was exceptionally patient about laying in the itchy grass and waiting for me to get just the right shot. And did I mention the blackflies? I actually found one in my nose after we were done. Ew.

I am very pleased with the results, especially considering how I’m out of practice and how little time we had to work. It felt just like old times, and it got me excited about doing more shoots this summer. I’ll be posting more from last night’s shoot here and at Flickr.


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