of sprouts and squirrels

It’s probably a little silly to talk about last weekend fun when last weekend was, oh, 4 days ago, but that’s about how much time it takes me to wake up–so, a recap: My parents came to visit, and much fun was had by all. We ate chocolate mousse, I got my ass kicked at Wii Sports, and Ms. Ellie reveled in the extra attention.

While we were at the natural food center, Mom convinced me to try my hand at sprouts. Contrary to popular belief, the strange stuff now growing on my counters is NOT mold, thank you very much… these are radish sprouts:


They’re highly nutritious and taste like little radishes, but without all the washing and dicing and slicing my fingers open–I can pop a handful of these in my mouth and save myself the trouble. So easy!

We also decided to take advantage of the extra space in my parents’ van and buy some new garbage cans (I know, exciting stuff). Our old cans have been violently molested by the killer squirrels who live in our back yard–they’ve chewed squirrel-sized holes in the lids, making it that much easier to spread trash all over the back yard. The homeowner’s association loves us, I can tell you.

So Dad and I went off to Home Depot to pick up some new bins. While we were there, I found these planters:

cute planters

Aren’t they cute? Not that I have any plants for them, of course. They’ll probably end up holding pencils.

All in all, an excellent weekend! I have high hopes for the next one, too. I’m feeling inspired by the mild, spring-like weather and have lots of new projects in mind. Stay tuned!


  1. oh spring – i can’t hardly wait! love the planters… i’m not allowed in the garden depot of home depot alone… i bring home too many plants !! 🙂

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