a belated v-day wallpaper

February desktop wallpaperA couple weeks ago I started to notice odd things happening with WordPress when I’d try to create a post… images wouldn’t upload properly, I was getting odd error messages in bright red text–not good! After talking with my husband (aka the WordPress Genius) we determined it was because I was attempting to run two separate WordPress sites from one host. Apparently that’s not a good idea. Who knew?

So I’ve moved Calobee Doodles over to WPWebHost.com, and so far, so good. No more errors, and this new host has a great setup specifically for us WordPress geeks. Sixhours.net is still hosted with 1and1, but depending on how things go, I might just move it over, too.

All this tech-babble to say, I know I’m a bit late in getting a February desktop wallpaper out there… but here it is! And this whole thing got me thinking, at some point I may just remove the calendar part completely to make them seasonal (and reusable!) instead of straight calendars. Until then, I have a slew of custom orders to work through, and I should really get started on a March wallpaper to avoid being late again–the end of February always sneaks up on me.

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