mmm, cake

there was a little girlI’m doing the birthday thing this weekend! As of this afternoon, I can no longer pretend I’m in my mid-twenties… I’m officially on the downward slide to 30.

Tim and I had a date night to celebrate. We finally saw Avatar (I think we’re the last people in the world to see it) and the verdict was… eh. Not bad, but it didn’t live up to the hype for me. Obviously the special effects were fantastic–a tech geek’s wet dream–but I found it difficult to get attached to the story. There was a lot of yawning on my part, although in fairness, I was up way past my bedtime (I know, I know, you envy my level of cool). Personally, I look forward to seeing what other producers do with the same technology, but with a less predictable script.

Not that I’m complaining! I’m pretty sure I would have paid 6 bucks to watch three hours of C-SPAN as long as it got me out of the house. Again–envy me!

Aside from that, we’ve been taking it easy. Yesterday we visited the local farmer’s market, then checked out the Orono thrift shop, where I found some super inexpensive clothes for Ellie. I’ve been working on custom orders, one of which I can’t wait to show off. It’s been a crazy month for my business, but it’s a good crazy!

Now I’m off to finish a slice of the delicious double-chocolate cake my wonderful husband baked for me. I am one lucky birthday girl!

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