gingerbread houseIn an effort not to repeat the Gingerbread House Disaster of 2007 (it’s worth a chuckle or two) I decided to buy a gingerbread house kit this year. At $10 I figure it’s a steal–much less than the cost of *ahem* a new mixer. I wanted to skip the baking altogether and get to the fun part–decorating. I may not be able to pipe a straight line to save my life, but at least with something like this I can cover up my terrible piping with candy. I’m particularly proud of the icicles.

I think this is a significant improvement over 2007’s house, don’t you?

We’re making informal plans for Ellie’s first birthday on the 20th (it is so hard to believe she’s almost a year old!). It will be small and simple, given how busy most people are this time of year… cake and ice cream, a few pictures. I’m looking forward to seeing El dig into her first cupcake.

Ellie’s birthday is convenient such that the house will be all pretty for the holidays when people come over. I’ve been putting up a few decorations every day, and we’ll probably try to get our tree at the end of next week–I am so excited to have a real tree this year! I’ll have to remember to take pictures of the whole place once it’s done.

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