and so winter begins

snugglin'Phew, what a weekend. Miss Elspeth is fighting an ear infection which has made her pretty uncomfortable, and in turn most of our time has been spent doting on her and trying to distract her from the earache. She’s also teething–those first-year molars are mean–so it’s double trouble around here. I don’t think the antibiotics are doing much for her, so I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll be seeing the doctor again soon.

Despite all this, I managed to get a bit accomplished. On Saturday we went out with friends to do some quick family pictures and have lunch. We’d planned to go to the holiday parade downtown, but El’s schedule has been out of whack (see the part about ears and teething) and she napped longer than usual, so we didn’t leave the house until the parade was almost over. I did get a few pictures of the short time we were there, which I put on Flickr.

On Sunday we woke up to SNOW! The weather went from mild and almost green to winter wonderland in the span of a few hours. The change of scenery got me in the mood to decorate, so I put up some Christmas things. We won’t be getting our tree until later this month, but the lights in the windows will do until then. I also did some cleaning, processed photos and listed some new postcards in the Calobee Doodles shop.

All things considered, a very productive weekend. Now I need to go snuggle with a sicky baby.


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