friday favorites: a letter to santa

Dear Santa,

It’s that time again. Let’s scrap the small talk and get down to business: I think I’ve been a pretty good girl this year, all things considered. That’s not to say there haven’t been challenges, hardships, and the occasional swear word or two, but everyone around me is still alive and I’m not in jail or anything. I have to call that a win, wouldn’t you agree?

So when you’re loading up the sleigh and my name comes across your list, please forgive that one incident with the mixing spoon and the cat, and make sure you’re packing the following…

  • Carlino Cashmere Argyle SocksI already have three pairs of these cozy socks I bought at an L.L. Bean outlet in October, but I should have bought more. Before you say anything (Mom), yes, they’re expensive for socks, but entirely worth the cashola. My feet will thank you.
  • iPhone Magnets by Bear Duck DesignsI pointed these out in a previous edition of Friday Favorites, but I have to mention them again. As a Mac geek who does not (and will probably never) own an iPhone, these will console me.
  • Garden Bead Lover Necklace by Atlantic Art GlassI met Linda at an Ellsworth craft show a few weeks ago, and I immediately fell in love with her intricate glass bead necklaces. I don’t wear jewelry very often (it becomes a super-magnet for grabby baby fingers) but the detail in her work took my breath away.
  • Owl ornaments from Pink PerchSo cute! I want a whole set of them to hang on our Christmas tree.
  • A Sunspot Granny Square Afghan from Judy and Cheryl’s Craft BoutiqueI’m dreaming of a big cozy afghan to snuggle up under when it gets cold (if it ever gets cold… this “winter” has been deceptively mild for Maine so far).
  • Fabric wall decals by MaeI’ve been eying these since I first saw them months ago. They’re really more for the baby than me, but I think it would make decorating Ellie’s room so much easier!

There you go, Santa. Open that Etsy account and get cracking!

Much love,

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