so much time, so little energy!

clocks 1Tim has class on Thursday evenings, so it’s just me and the babe tonight. Ellie miraculously fell asleep with no complaints at 6:30, so I have plenty of time to get some things done.

The new layout for Calobee Doodles needs some animation work, but I’ve almost finished putting the theme together in WordPress. I’m designing a quick Christmas card for mum to send out to folks this year, and hopefully it will include a holiday photo of the baby girl provided she’s feeling cooperative this weekend. I’ve been doodling here and there… nothing concrete, though. The ideas aren’t falling into place the way I like. I’ve also been digging through old photos for potential use in a magazine… hopefully more on that later.

But to be honest, I think I’d rather scrap it all and curl up and go to sleep. It’s been one of those weeks! I’m looking forward to a much-needed Thanksgiving break.

Oh! I’ve been musing, and I think it’s about time for a contest. I’ve yet to determine what I will give away, but stay tuned! I’m thinking big.


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