from saturday, with blood

Today got off to a rough start. This morning after the usual routine of a change and a bottle, I started to clip Ellie’s nails and accidentally snipped her pinky finger in the process. It didn’t seem to hurt her, and at first we thought it wasn’t a big cut–a little blood, a little mama guilt, no problem.

Except her finger just kept bleeding and bleeding and bleeding… you’d be amazed how much one tiny finger can bleed. Several tissues, burp cloths, much gauze and three band-aids later, the second floor looked like the scene from a small disaster and I started to lose my calm, can-do front.

Then I imagined the headlines: “Baby bleeds out–death by hangnail.”

We decided to go to the doctor just to be safe (thank goodness for weekend hours). They were very nice about our new parent paranoia, even though by the time we got there, Ellie’s finger had stopped bleeding and she was obviously fine (if not grumpy with us for making such a fuss). We were sent home with instructions to keep it clean and relax. Ahahaha, I think that last part was a joke.

So the morning was not quite what we’d planned, but thankfully it got better. We chose to brave the rest of the day and make the trek to Ellsworth to the Gifted Hand Show to check out some handmade goodies from fellow Maine artists. I purchased a cute hat for Ellie from Worthy Goods and a surprise Christmas present from Atlantic Art Glass. I ogled the kids’ peasant dresses from Anabelfuzz and the intricate glass beads from Fern House Studio. I’m definitely a fan of online shopping, but there’s nothing like seeing an artists’ work up close and meeting the people behind the Web addresses. Maine is home to some very talented people!

After returning from the show, El and I hung out with our friend Danielle while Tim caught up on homework. Then we all crashed in the living room to eat pizza and watch Supernanny and celebrate our pinky fingers being (mostly) intact.

If tomorrow is as eventful as today was, I’m going to need a second weekend to recover.


  1. Awww new mama 🙂 I know the feeling! Better to be safe than sorry – that’s awesome that your doc has weekend hours… I wonder if my pediatrician does. Glad baby Ellie’s finger stopped bleeding 🙂

  2. Aww, poor thing. You and the baby. I’m glad everything turned out just fine. I was always scared to cut my babies nails so I chewed them off. Is that gross? I don’t care, it made me feel better.
    Good luck with the little one and love her up!@!!

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