happy belated halloween

this is what I think of my costume, mama... I totally dropped the ball this Halloween. There were grand intentions, and then there was reality… and you can probably guess which won.

At the beginning of October, I was going to make Ellie’s costume from a green sleeper and hand-cut felt pieces, which I was going to sew together (hahaha) in my spare time (HAHAHA) to make a murloc just playin', I don't mind it too much costume a la the scraggly fish people from World of Warcraft. This is how geeks dress their kids… I figure I have to get my kicks in before she hits the pretty-pretty-princess years.

The reality… a rather sad-looking dragon costume (if you have to print the costume’s name ON the costume, it’s probably not very convincing) purchased for $6 (half price! The frugalista in me said “hurrah,” but the new mom in me said, “You’ll feel guilty for this when your daughter talks about how much she needs therapy.”) on the evening of October 30, a size too small. The costume was very much disliked by its recipient, as evidenced by the fact that she started crying the minute we put it on her (yay, more therapy!).

As such, there are no pics from Ellie’s first Halloween because by the time we got the costume on her it was too dark for pictures and she was already tired and grouchy.  I decided for all our sakes to try the costume thing later, Halloween be damned. This is what you get when your mama is a picky photographer type–the holidays will just have to wait for better light!

So yesterday afternoon we tried the “dragon” costume just for fun, and I have to say, I think my daughter makes even the most ambiguous, cheaply-made-in-a-sweatshop-in-China costume look adorable.  And here’s to next Halloween!


  1. Awwwwww… she makes a cute dragon. I agree, dress them up now how you want them before it gets to be all about the pink and princesses (oooooh.. i shudder at the thought of pink princesses)

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